Resolutions for 2017

Now that we’re a couple weeks into the New Year, I’ve had a chance to spend some time thinking about what my ‘New Years Resolutions’ are. I wanted it to be something I’d really follow through with and always keep in the back of my mind over the 365 days of 2017. If someone were to ask me what my past resolutions were, I would likely have to see if they’re written down somewhere as they were quickly forgotten. Not this time though!

For 2017, I’ve decided that my theme is going to be self-care. I think having a theme rather than a list of goals is nice because it’s broad and has room to bend or to develop as I move through the year. What I need this month might not be what I need six months from now. What does self-care mean you might ask? Well, I think it would mean something different to each person, but I’ll explain what it means for me.

To me, self-care is a lot about wellness; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is about taking care of each of these aspects of life. Ideally this would be done in each area and all the time, but sometimes you need to trade wellness in one area for wellness in another. In the busyness of life it’s even pretty easy to let them all go. I’m aware that self-care is often at the bottom of my to-do lists, so I’m determined to work on it this year.

Each Monday, I plan to set at least one self-care goal to achieve that week. Maybe it will have to do with exercise or sleep or crafting. Whatever seems fitting for the upcoming seven days. You can follow along on instagram (@mtymoschuk) for weekly updates, but of course I will be blogging too. I’d love to hear what self-care means to you as well, or what your new years resolutions are!

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  1. This is very inspiring. I can never actually follow through with New Years resolutions. I think I will try you way of thinking when it comes to making the resolution. Making a theme type resolution seems like it would be easier to follow through. What a great idea! Good luck with yours.


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